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Give a friend 50% off their first Profile and you’ll receive 50% off too*.

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  • How it works
Introduce someone new to the positive impact of Strengths Profile and you’ll receive a discount as a thank you.

How does it work:

  • Click on Refer A Friend in the top menu bar
  • If you have not already done so, login to your account
  • Click the refer a friend button to open the popup to generate your personalised link
  • Share the link with your friend.
  • Your friend receives an automatic 50% discount on their first Introductory or Expert Profile.
  • You'll receive an email confirmation and will then be able to also enjoy 50% off your Introductory or Expert profile.

Refer A Friend FAQ

Commonly asked questions

How does the refer a friend scheme work?
If you have purchased a paid product from our website you can give your friends, colleagues, and clients a unique link which will automatically apply a 50% discount off their first Introductory or Expert Profile. They must purchase using the link within 28 days of it being generated.
You will then receive an email to confirm. You can then log into your dashboard and purchase your Introductory or Expert Profile and receive an automatic 50% discount. You must purchase either of these within 28 days of your friend’s purchase.
Who qualifies for the refer a friend scheme?
A referrer is someone who has purchased a paid product through our website. A referee must not have purchased a paid product previously.
How can I refer?
Visit and log in. Click ‘GENERATE YOUR LINK’ and copy your link for your friend. We recommend sharing by email. You can only use one link per friend and you can only generate 5 codes every month.
How many friends can I refer?
You can refer as many friends as you like but you can only generate 5 links every month.
I referred my friend to Strengths Profile but they are being shown as not eligible, why is that?
To be eligible for the discount, your friend must not have purchased a paid product from us previously.
How long do I have to use my discount?
Purchases using the referral scheme must be made on the website within 28 days:
  • For referees, you have 28 days after the link was first generated on the website.
  • For the referrer, you have 28 days after your friend first purchased using your link.
You can then choose to complete your Introductory or Expert Profile then or later.
I’ve just completed a profile, do I need to do another one?
Once purchased, you have the freedom to complete the assessment at any time, we recommend every 12 months.
I’ve referred my friend, what happens now?
If your friend was successful with their discounted purchase, you should receive an email to confirm. Just log in and visit the site within 28 days of your friend’s purchase and select either your Introductory or Expert Profile.
I’ve been referred by a friend but I have previously completed a free profile, am I still eligible?
Yes, just remember to visit the website via the unique link to automatically apply your discount.


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